As you join Rosy and Rocky in their every day life you will also meet the other people who make this comic what it is. On our great journey, you will meet  Lisa. Lisa is Rosy and Rockys' daughter. She is different from her parents. She is smart.
There is also Rockys' best friend, Rufus. He is that friend that everyone has at least one of. Your not sure how or why you are friends, but one thing is alway the same. Second hand drama. Come on, you know you crave it. The friend who shares all the drama of their life with you. You get to hear all about it but never have to live it. You know what friend I am talking about.
We all have the perfect couple in the neighborhood. One is great looking who never leaves home without a smile on their face and a twinkle in their eye. The other one thinks they are smarter than everyone else and of course, they are. You know it, they know it, everyone knows it. It still ticks you off.

Lets not forget the "IN LAW". In this case it is the mother-in-law. Mother Urble. Curses. Mother Urble is not very fond of her son-in-law. Rocky is not that fond of Mother Urble. The question is: Does Rocky not like Mother Urble because she is unlikeable or because she does not like him? I will let you answer that question yourself! 

Try not to judge The Hills too harsh. After all, they are only human.
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